Dory Tourette And The Caregivers

A few weeks ago Sylvia (Dorys partner before he passed) brought by an old 4-track tape Dory had recorded of the band “Dory Tourette And The Skirtheads” having band practice.

The quality was extremely rough to say the least (as you would expect from a 20 year old 4 track tape) but after some hours spent mixing and crying we were able to salvage the 1 to 2 microphone recording into something to share with everyone.

This is the Skirtheads at their peak musically,  Ashley was playing 2nd guitar with Chris Kholer on drums and Alexis Gold on Bass.

we will find a way to make these downloadable asap!!

In the meantime here they are!


Take Care Of Yourself – Dory had an eventual plan of starting a “Sgt Pepper” style group called “Caregivers” and this song was intended to be used by them. The lyrics occasionally reference the time he was sent to a “bad teenager” work camp type facility where they take you away in the middle of the night and put you on a plane to be tortured by authoritarian counselors in Utah or some other far away place (these were not uncommon from the early 90s to late 00s look it up!)  But the real message of the song is right there in the name. “Take care of yourself, cause you’re all that i’ve got”

Take Care Of Yourself DOWNLOAD


Car Song – Written by Woody Guthrie it sounds like they played with the lyrics a little to better suit them. This was a song Dory would play on his acoustic guitar often so its a treat to hear it fast and loud.



In The Pines – Everybody is familiar with the song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” made popular by Leadbelly and then way later Nirvana but it’s been making the rounds as a country hit for years under the name “In The Pines” the structure is slightly different every time but this one is pretty close to the Bill Monroe version.



Not For You, Not For Me – Another song written for “Caregivers” the chorus is straight to the point and about as selfless as it gets.

Not For Me Not For You DOWNLOAD


I Saw Stars – A jazz standard made popular by musicians such as Django Reinhardt and others, it’s rare to find a version with lyrics, dory might’ve made some of em up.



Scott Le Roc– Off of the Skirtheads 7″ release “VERSIONS” I always imagined them overdubbing 200 crazy guitars on that record but apparently that was mostly just Ashley being talented as fuck.



Take Care Of Yourself (Dorys Dub)– This is the last recording so the tape stops half way through, Dory took a version of take care of yourself and added an overdub of himself whisper singing the lyrics.

Take Care Of Yourself (Dorys Dub) DOWNLOAD