We took our suitcase full of records across the pacific ocean to TOKYO OMG! We made a lot a new friends and played a few shows. All of the records and tapes we brought remain in the hands of the rad punks there, and we got some releases from the bands we played with up in our store under DEIMOS JAPAN! Here’s the flyers for our shows and a bunch of pictures from our trip!





Bands pictured above in order: Flower Zombies. Wild Lunch, The Guays, The Doodless.


Pictured above in order: Rizzy in old school phone booth with wifi, Ian at new school vending machine also with wifi, The last tower records in existence, Rizzy and Godzilla, Panda cupcake (a new baby panda was born at Ueno zoo), Line friends standing in line in front of Line friends, Godzilla again, Outside of Ueno Doobies with unnamed friend.

Pictured Above: We stayed in the Hello Kitty room and it was gross but cool, Cemetary in Okutama, square cakes… absolutely ridiculous right?, Rizzy buying drugs at the airport, Memento from the “Taste The Chaos Tour” tasted terrible like an old shoe, Building sized t.v. kept us entertained while our feet recovered, Pretty bridge near Okutama station, Walking to our favorite restaurant in Tokyo…thats right 7-11.

Pictured above: Ian holding a Hedgehog and then throwing a tiny fit in a tiny bathroom because they wouldn’t let him take it home.

Hedgehog Video!!!!


And Finally….

Alot of our new friends in Tokyo, We miss you guys so much already!